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Step 3. Tell yourself a true lie

First of all, I really didn’t expect so many people to like my posts. It seems, I started to do it for myself (as I’m still doing it), but every moment I’m receiving so many “likes”, and that motivates me even more. Are there really so many unmotivated people in the world? 🙂 I can’t believe it. But well, helping each other, we can change it.

I’m really getting into it, thinking during the day, how could I improve it, what else could I post to help myself. I started to put some music, which in one way or another keeps me strong and lets me go on. Sometimes, when one way is not helping, I need to have an another 🙂

So, now, getting back to the 100 ways of self-motivating… Yesterday I had one, which was called “Stay hungry”. That meant, don’t lose the wish to grow, create a vision of yourself and live it. Don’t wait until it will appear in some magical way. I put some little objectives for me, and I tried to work on them. Not big achievements up till now, but the start is made.

Today – tell yourself a true lie. In schools we are taught not to lie. And now? Why should we do it? Because it’s a funny thing when we discover, how the mind works ( I haven’t done yet, but I’m checking little by little and finding out my mentioned thought-mood-action connection.). It seems, that our subconscious, doesn’t know whether the things we think are true, or not. Basically, it doesn’t care about it. As Steve Chandler writes, “Your subconscious mind doesn’t know you’re fantasizing. ” And he goes on: ”

“Soon you will begin to create the necessary blueprint for stretching your

accomplishments. Without a picture of your highest self, you can’t live

into that self. Fake it till you make it. The lie will become the truth.” (it is not applied for using it for bad purposes :))

That one, fake it till you make it, yesterday a blogger Raunak told me in his comment, and just today I found it in a book!

I remember, once when I was small, I read one quote: “If you’ll keep on telling to somebody that he/she is a pig, at the end he/she will start to grunt.” Maybe we could convert it into: “If you keep on telling yourself that you are strong/good/happy (put anything you want), at the end you will be so.”

It’s a very nice feeling when you let yourself go and imagine some situations where you behave different. For example, now I’m lying to myself, that I can be a good driver and good, appreciated worker, I’m even telling myself, that I’m good in my country where I’m now. Just important thing to remember – sitting and waiting until it happens, doesn’t work. While believing, we should work on it and not lose the hope. I remember, when I was doing Santiago Way (Camino de Santiago), I was having doubts if I were able to make 20-25km a day by foot (113km in total in 5-7 days). When I started and I made it, I promised myself never ever doubt myself and say “I am not able to do it”. It has passed 7 months since Santiago way and I still hadn’t told myself “I am not able to do it”. That’s the thing why I love myself – when I stop being somebody else but me, I am good at everything. When I start to control my mind, I can do a lot. The problem until now was that I wasn’t controlling my mind. Now I know, that it won’t happen again. Even though, it is still left long path.

So, what else could we lie to ourselves? What and how are you doing it? How do you handle it, when you wake up one morning without a hope and realize, that everything is a self-lie and you don’t want to go on with this and that is stupid? How are you motivating yourselves? You can share it also.

Never forget – you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think:


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