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When you open the doors to possibilities…

So, here were are after first 5 steps. It’s time to evaluate these days and see what has been done and what next should be done.

It’s an interesting thing, because I’m not thinking about these steps all the time. More, last night, I was trying to remember them all, but I could do just 3 or 4. Later I tried not to remember the name of the step, but the action, the thing I was supposed to do. It helped, but not too much 🙂 Does it mean that I’m not doing something, or that everything is so natural that I don’t pay attention to it? Well, let’s say, it’s because I’m not doing something 🙂 (this statement is made thinking about the 5th step – learn to sweat in peace).

Actually, yes, this week was like contemplating to myself, see what I was doing before and what not, read this book and think. In my daily life I’m forgetting these steps, but in particular situations, they come up to my mind. For example:

– I had couple of hard moments last week, thinking about my ex. But I was able to take my self and control, thinking about my future, not concentrating to the past.

– I can’t stop thinking about quitting french classes, because I’m not satisfied by the quality and I think, I could study by myself. BUT. I am remembering the step 5, and I’m still in the classes, even I have missed 2 out of 4 this week.

– On Monday I had a traditional fight with my driving instructor, I was so nervous, that I wasn’t able to finish the class. I came back home full of anger, nervous, almost crying. And again, I asked myself why I’m doing it, what would it change it and I stopped. Later I calmed down and changed the instructor. Even I’m not reading the steps about self control, but probably this comes from the peace I already have.

– There wasn’t any moment this week when I would think that I have nobody, nobody cares about me – I’m remembering the first step and how many people I put there. That would be a sin to say that nobody cares about me!!!

– I started to put into my mind that I have to push me, not only listen to myself and sometimes avoid doing some stuff. So tomorrow I’m going to the shop and I will prepare the lunch. First after …. I don’t know how many months. 2? 3? No idea.

– I came back to volunteering. I haven’t done anything yet, just went to a meeting, agreed somethings, and well, waiting until I start!

– Probably the most surprising is that one my friend offered to create a job place to ourselves. Tomorrow we are going to meet, brainstorm some ideas for one project and if it will be confirmed, for 3 months we will become employees! I didn’t expect this thing could happen! And it’s just because I opened a little bit the doors to the possibilities!

– Next week I’m going to cut and change the color of my hair.

What should be done next days?

– I still should make a schedule for my everyday activities and follow it strictly.

– Start Zumba classes, even it’s a bit expensive.

– No relax after the first week.

– Daily writing to the blog.

– Active using of steps 2 and 4.

– Still remain patient.

– Trying to control myself even more.

I could evaluate all these 5 steps and my behaviour… for example…


The mark of feeling good:


As I’ve told before – it can be 10.



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