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Step 6. Simplify your life

One of the benefits of creatively planning your life is that it allows you to simplify. You can weed out, delegate, and eliminate all activities that don’t contribute to your projected goals.” – S.Chandler.

Sometimes I was imagining day just like days, passing by and giving you some new experience. As I’ve mentioned before, many years ago I stopped following some objectives, I started to exist. I don’t know where it could be the compromise between the trying hard to reach your aims and just simply enjoying the life, but I know, that the aims are necessary to give some meaning and motivation to us. And also, order  to work on them, is needed.

It’s hard to stay motivated when you’re confused. When you simplify your life, it gathers focus. The more you can focus your life, the more motivated it gets.” – another great S.Chandler’s thought in the book “100 ways to motivate yourself”. As motivation and all this stuff is not some kind of magic, which comes or doesn’t come, I have to work on it.

So, this morning I have made a schedule for my every weekday, and every morning I will be making plans for each day. What should I do, when and how. I will be following this schedule, I think, it will be easier like this. I have to learn to manage my time, ’cause it seems that now sometimes I’m wasting it somewhere.

I’ve put some short term objectives for me, which should be completed until December.

I’ve been thinking on my long term objectives, but probably at this moment I can’t put them clearly. I still have to separate my mind and my feelings, and to know why I want to do one thing or another. Also, even I’m working on me, honestly trying to change my way of being, discover things, I feel like a death earth. My feeling good now is because I’m trying, because I’m working, not because it comes naturally. I can’t avoid the fact that my life has turned around in few months and it’s still hard to accept it, especially, when I don’t want  the life I have now. I don’t want to be where I am, I want to go back to Spain, to my former family and keep on creating my life there. So, all these steps I’m doing now is working hard on me for someday to be able to feel everything from the depth of my heart. Maybe it would be the long term objective.

So, as I understand this chapter about simplifying the life, the important thing is to have everything in order and not to get distracted by the things which don’t help to reach the aims.

Sometimes I feel, that everything is so hard and complicated here, and way easier is just to exist and not to work on anything… 🙂

Anyway, we don’t reach our objectives at the moment, it happens step by step. The most important is to give the name to the aim.

Have a nice day everyone!

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