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Step 8. Push all your own buttons (update 4)

Finally! This is what I needed! This is what I needed to discover – my own buttons, I am sure I have them! It’s one of the best days in last months!!!

Most of us pilot our own lives that way, without much knowledge of the instruments. We don’t take the time to learn where our own buttons are, or what they can do.” – says S.Chandler.

This chapter is made of golden words, there is not a lot what I could add 🙂

“From now on, make it a personal commitment to notice everything that
pushes your buttons. Make a note of everything that inspires you. That’s
your control panel. Those buttons operate your whole system of
personal motivation.
Motivation doesn’t have to be accidental. For example, you don’t have
to wait for hours until a certain song comes on the radio that picks up
your spirits. You can control what songs you hear.
If there are certain songs that always lift you up, make a tape or CD of
those songs and have it ready to play in your car. Go through all of your
music and create a “greatest motivational hits” tape for yourself.
Use the movies, too.”

It’s just what I’ve started to do, when I created a page “Music” in this blog. It is not growing fast, but I do have somethings what inspires me.

Since the morning, I’ve been thinking, what else could be my buttons, I tried to be more specific and instead of saying “I am the one what motivates me”, I tried to concrete this, here are the results:

– Movie “Knockin’ on the heavens door”

– Movie “La vida e bella”

– Eric Clapton

– Sport or any kind of active leisure

– Yoga

– Books. “The little prince”

– This blog

– Thoughts, that I am not the only one in the world who feels like this. There are people who are in worse conditions than me and they are still managing to be happy.

Thoughts about future and understanding that it’s not going to be bad all the time.

– The idea, that I’m the master of my life and it depends on me how I react to the things.

– The vision of the award. There is nothing eternal in this world, and all the efforts sooner or later a rewarded.

You have much more control over your environment than you realize.
You can begin programming yourself consciously to be more and more
focused and motivated. Get to know your control panel and learn how
to push your own buttons. The more you know about how you operate,
the easier it will be to motivate yourself.” – concludes the author.


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