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Step 9. Build a track record

According to S.Chandler, “It’s not what we do that makes us tired—it’s what we don’t do. The tasks we don’t complete cause the most fatigue.”

He says, that our motivation is being killed by our thoughts and fear that we wouldn’t be able to do something. He claims, that to change it, we should make a “track record” and put all our achievements for being able to see that we can do everything. He discusses, that it’s better than live with affirmations telling to ourselves “I can do it, I can do it.” Hmmm, here I’m facing some little contradiction. In one of the first lessons, he told to fake until we make it, why I couldn’t work now – to fake that we are able to change something, to change an opinion about ourselves and do it until we believe?

Author says that it is possible to do it, but then the right side of the brain would come and would say: “No, you are not.”

Stop worrying about what you think of yourself and start building a track record that proves that you can motivate yourself to do whatever you want to do.” – gives an advice S.Chandler. I’d say, that the difference between “fake until you make it” or “build yourself” is that, that in this case you do something not only in your mind, but also physically. Firstly, you fake, later materialize this on “track record” and finally see the result and believe yourself. I would understand this in that way.

So, am I doing it? Actually, I’m not in writing anymore tracks, but I quess, this blog is great example of it. I’m surprised by myself, that I’m still writing it, updating it daily and don’t get my inner peace until I don’t write anything. It’s been 10 days since I started and probably I’m starting to get some habit on writing.

On the other hand, I think, it could be useful for those ones, who are just starting new steps and they need some support. It could be a great self-support, when you see how you are doing day by day and how you are moving forward.

The more I work on myself, the more I see and put into my heart, that the motivation is not a present, is nothing misterious, given just to someone special. It’s a kind of thing, which you can have at any moment, later lose it/leave it and go back for it. Evidently, it’s not so easy like it sounds, ’cause different thoughts are coming to the head, and sometimes I’m thinking that it’s a nonsense, but when I see the result, I kind of change my point of view. Of course, maybe all this positive thinking, or 100 ways to motivate yourself wouldn’t be applied for people with seriuos problems like depression, or smth, but for me it’s quite ok. It’s not even the way to discover myself, it’s more to remember what I had and what I wanted. I’m remembering that I became the person I didn’t want to become. I see what should I do not to repeat it again. I don’t know how I’m doing, and how everything will look after one year. Actually, I know it’s going to be good. I’m not going to think about all 100 steps I’ve made, but I’m sure that I will be using some of them unconsciously. And I will know where to pay my attention.

And maybe after having reached my 100 days objective, the happiness and the joy will come back to me, or I will meet them on my way. 🙂


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