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Step 10. Welcome the unexpected

Wow, it’s already the 10th step!!! I’m still moving, doing this everyday! That’s really amazing, and surprising for me. It seems, my wish for changes and something different, was true. If it wouldn’t have been so, I would have left this thing some few days ago. But I didn’t.

And what’s the lesson of today? To be creative. Not in the sense of painting or creating something new and amazing. It’s more about being able to look to the situations in some new, unexpected way. I am thinking, how could I look to some things from the different angle? For example, it’s always good to laugh. Of course, when it’s really something bad, firstly it doesn’t seem funny, but later it’s possible to have some fun.

I think, it’s quite useful advise – to change the angle of your look. If something makes me angry, maybe instead of getting nervous, I should try to make some fun? Maybe some angry jokes? 🙂

When I think better, everything is changing, when we change the way of coping with the problems. The problems  are the same almost all the time, so if one time we cope with them in one way, later we repeat it, but it still happens the same, maybe we should try to change that way? There are plenty of ways to find the right solution.

It’s what I did this autumn. Normally, when I was bad, I was taking a lot of activities and responsabilities, I was having myself busy to avoid feeling bad and thinking too much. I was avoiding staying with myself alone, hear myself and think. Of course, while being busy, I was recovering myself faster – at least I was thinking so. But sooner or later everything would come out. This time I stopped all my activities – the ones I could stop. I was spending sooooo much time with myself, that I was getting bored of me 🙂 But I had an opportunity to be with me, to observe me, to hear me, even it hurted to realize the things I realised. So, this was some kind of different angle, something unexpected, which really worked.

The other thing I did, was creating this blog. I was asking myself, why my intentions to work on me, have never worked  etc.? What else should I do to change it? And the answer came up. It seems, I was using this advise even without knowing about it.

I should use this advise more. Maybe always?

I hope, one girl, the author of this blog wouldn’t get angry on me if I quote his post, made 2 years ago:

“Sometimes life can just become way too organized, predictable, and well just normal. And let’s just all face it, normal is the definition of boring. So one of the nights I was sleeping in my bed upside down, I decided to spread this view to many aspects of my life. Now I am not saying to stop doing these boring things all together; there certainly are  things you must always do, such as brushing your teeth and combing your hair. Just do them in a new way.Pretty soon you will find that life got a hell of a lot more exciting, and you wont be able to help but start spreading this not only to different actions you do everyday, but also to your outlook on life.”

So, just let’s make our daily lifes upside down and let’s see what happens!


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