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Step 11. Find your master key

I was not going to write today, I was not going to make other step, but I felt so sad in the end of the day, and I felt like I should work and go further. I knew, this emotion will come, because since yesterday everything seemed unexplainedly funny, so I was waiting until I’ll start to cry 🙂 So now it’s a good moment to adapt the steps I’ve made until now.

So ironic, S.Chandler writes, that there was some moment in his life when he didn’t believe in motivational and hated self-help books, he founded them for weak and gullible fools. Just like me now. Later he was offered to read one book, he did, succesed and from that moment he doesn’t miss a moment without a motivational readings/listenings. That would be the story of step 11, in a short. What he says, is to find our personal master key – the book which motivates us.

Personally me, I wouldn’t offer just motivational book, because at the end they all should be similar. These weeks it happened for me to find some articles about how to be happy, how to live better, etc., and you know, all the advises were more or less the same – stop waiting, start doing, fake until you make it, etc. I’m getting fed of this, that’s why I’m concentrating only to this book, 100 ways to motivate yourself and I’m not looking for anything else. But my master key book would be some other. Maybe the one which I’d like to read from time to time and I’d like to have it always with me. One of this would be “The Little Prince” (A.Saint-Exuperi).

Anyway, I should start to seek for one more, for something new, for something to bring me some fresh air. Maybe some Buddhism philosophy? “Your own key might even come from the spiritual literature of your choice. You’ll find it when you’re ready to seek. It’s out there waiting for you.” – writes S.Chandler.

I guess, it’s very important to have some personal “bible”, to know where to look for an inspiration, when we feel lost in this crazy world. At the moment I don’t have my god, I don’t have my religion, so I’m open for anything. I need to start to look for it. I believe that the right book comes to our hands in the right moment.

Maybe this step is a bit too early for me, I’m not ready yet, but I feel that the tiny wish of it is already appearing.






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