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Step 12. Put your library on wheels

Well, I’d like to start, that this step is quite american one :)))) Literally I can’t adopt it to myself, because I still haven’t got a driving licence and I don’t see myself getting a car soon. So, this step is going to be more the theoretical one.

On the other hand, I agree, that the time during the day shouldn’t be wasted. If we are on the bus, we can listen to audiobook, or read a normal one, and use this time for learning, motivating or discovering something new. I would rename it “put your library in your bag, e-book or mp3 player”.

It’s important to have an appropriate use of time, not to lose any minute for useless things. I mean, it’s good to waste sometime from time to time, but more important is to have everything under control and at the end of the day have the feeling, that it was not wasted.

Also, it depends, what we understand by “book”. Could a person be a book? Could I listen to someone and feel like I have read some motivational chapter? For example, today, I didn’t go to one class, because I wanted to prepare for one presentation (at the end I didn’t get a chance to show the result), so me and my coursemate, we went to his office to study – he was going to read a book, I was going to make that presentation. In 2,5h we did the little part of our job, ’cause most of the time we were talking. I’ve learned from him his point of view and philosophy, which I could adapt to myself, at least a little part of it. I got to know him better, and share some stories. I’ve heard the things I knew, but hearing it from the other person, makes you listen and believe that it could be true.

We talked about how unpredictable life could be sometimes. According to him, one situation is caused by previous one, and is causing the upcoming one. Probably, nobody could deny it. That’s why the life is so interesting – we know that when one door closes, it opens the other, so all we have to do  – just wait and look what will be there. Anyway, I’d love to live in this kind of life, where it exists just logic without  feelings, it would be much more easier 🙂 But I see that life is so beautiful and interesting, so I’m choosing to enjoy it as much as I can, even now I have to cope for not to look back and think why did it happen what it happenned. It’s hard, still very hard. But I’m working on it. Still.

Other interesting book of the day was my other coursemate. She’s very interesting girl, with a wide field of interests, and I’m feeling like I’m learning a lot from her – she is 4 years younger than me 🙂 We’ve spent a great evening watching one movie, laughing, talking a bit, listening to music and if I wouldn’t have had to take my last bus home, I would stayed and drunk the second bottle of sangria:)))) I can learn inner peace from her and positive, racional and strong attitude to life. I’m so glad I’ve met her. Our group of us three (me, above mentioned guy and this girl) motivates me more to go to the university, because I know I will see them. 🙂

It was a very nice evening after this quite hard week or two, where I was studying without any stop. Now until next friday I don’t have classes, so I’ll focus on other things. I should make some gap for myself and reflect more on my inner state. How am I if I asked honestly? Am I really better? What am I doing? Where I’m going? Am I doing everything right? What else/more should I do?


P.S. When everyting is lost, the future is still left. 



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