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Step 14. Bounce your thoughts

Nothing is impossible. If our way of thinking is pesimistic, we can transform it into optimistic. If we blame something, we can stop doing this and feel thankful. Everything depends on our point of view. If we can do one thing, we can do other as well. It’s up to us.

The more I go throught these steps, the more I see how related they are. Maybe it’s because to learn them better, or understand them better. I don’t know. Anyway, today’s step is to learn to think opposite to what we were used to. As I’ve mentioned above – if we did one thing, it means, we can learn to do the opposite. It’s not easy, but nobody said it will be. It’s not easy to recover the joy and the motivation of life. But some effort has to be made.

S.Chandler gives an example with boucing a basketball ball. If you do with one hand, you can do with both, if you try, of course. Normally we say we can’t do one thing or another just because we don’t try. The human are so strange creatures – we use to one thing and we are afraid of trying something new, ’cause we’re sure it won’t work. So mistake!!!! Nothing is real, nothing is true until we don’t start to question it and doubt it. We should be discovering new things everyday. Ok, yes, I understand, it’s a plain theory. But anyway, not everyday, but from time to time we should be questioning whether our, let’s say, way of thinking helps us to go through our lives or no. And if no, if it makes it more difficult, change it.

It relates a lot to make everything up side down and look for new points of view. It’s learning to change our point of view – the way how to motivate ourselves. If we’ll keep on doing what we have been doing until now, nothing will change. That’s why the challenges are needed! That’s why we should bounce our thoughts.

I know, until now I had some pesimistic way of thinking, I even may know where does it come from. I’m afraid to name the reason, for not to be the one who is blaming the situation, not myself. Anyway, actually, it’s not so important where does it come from, more important is to understand it and be able to change it. Lately it seems like I’m working just on one thing – to forget my former relationships and be able to live my life. On the other hand, I’m adapting the things to other things in my life. I still have them – driving classes, studies, volunteering, job search. I know, that everything I learn, I can apply to these parts as well, not only to my heart.

So, since now, since this moment, I am bouncing my thoughts. Everytime I’ll have some negative one, I’ll try to get something positive from it. It is said, that habit comes after 21 day of using it, so let’s see if it’s true.

The overall pattern won’t change after just a few positive bounces of the
brain. If you’re a pessimist, your bio-computer has really been
programmed heavily in that direction. But it doesn’t take long before a
new pattern can emerge. As a former pessimist myself, I can tell you it
really happens, however slowly but surely. You do change. One thought
at a time.
If you can bounce it one way, you can bounce it the other.” – S.Chandler.

I don’t expect everything at the moment, but I guess, that if I work, I’ll get the results. I know, that I am not the outsider, and others, who success, are not special ones, they are like me. So, if they could, so do I. I believe in me, I have nothing else to lose. Anymore. So, let’s go for it, let’s go for different thoughts!

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