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There is a well in every desert

I’m amazed by the deepness of “The Little Prince”… Everytime I read it, I find more and more, I find different things, I understand it in other way. I can see me growing. Also, I’m sure, I find what I need in that particular moment.

I could quote every sentence. Such a wisdom of A.de Saint-Exupery! This book is my Bible. Now I’m sure. I was always reading it in my hard times, or the times when I was looking for the answers. Just like the “Alchemist” of Paolo Coelho. Those two books are my guidelines through the tough times. And even though, I don’t learn from them. This time I hope it will be different. No, no, I don’t hope. This time it WILL BE different.

If everybody would read and understand this book, if they would use what they’ve learnt from it, all the 100 ways to motivate yourself books would be useless!

How many times we get desperated when something bad happens? How many times we lose our hopes earlier than it’s necessary? How many times we just give up fighting, because we don’t see the point? How many times we are able to see the well in a desert? There is always, always a solution from every problem, or situation. Sometimes it’s easier, sometimes it’s more difficult, sometimes it comes earlier, sometimes we have to wait and be patient.

Am I doing this? Am I being patient? No. I’m on the way to learn it. How am I doing? So, so, let’s say.

When our minds are full of pain, desperation and feeling badly, our hearts are blind and closed, so they don’t see the path to the well. We stop, give up, ’cause it’s the easiest thing and start to feel guilty for ourselves instead of keeping us calm and going towards to the water. There is no way, that it wouldn’t be any water around. There is always something what gives you the hand. We just have to open our hearts and see it, not turn our backs to it.

I’m taking so personally everything what I read lately. And it hurts me. It’s like I have to live with that stupid girl who made the fullest decisions in her life, instead of reading “The Little Prince” and finding the answers. I have to see her every morning in my mirror, I have to be with her during all the day, and later spend evenings with her. I’m trying to leave her behind, forgive her for this, but she’s made the biggest mistake – she’s refused her love of the life because of being so. I don’t know if I could ever forgive her. I guess, I should, to be able to go further and keep my inner peace. I’m leaving her little by little – I changed my hair style, just not to look like her.

There is some relief inside of me. Lately it comes and it passes, it comes and it passes, like some waves. I feel so confused. I can’t explain my state, I don’t understand what’s happening. One moment I’m calm with my life and I go little by little to my joy, and on the other moment I feel like everything is meaningless, I feel sad and without any motivation. I still have the desert inside, no wishes at all. But since today I’ll know – there is a well in every desert. I’ll go and find it.

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