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Step 15. Light your lazy dynamite

Sometimes it feels, like the motivation has nothing to do with happiness. The biggest part of these steps is about working, planning, keep on doing something. No, I’m not complaining. Opposite. I see, how important is to keep on doing the things and always know what you have to do. Always have a plan and the vision, how everything should be.

Talking about me, I do, I try to do most of these things, sometimes I fail, sometimes I win. But I still don’t have this feeling, that it’s right what I’m doing. Now it’s like pushing myself to do, ’cause I promised to myself, ’cause I’ve made a vision of myself, ’cause I couldn’t live with old me anymore. But I still don’t have that feeling of joy and that everything I do, comes naturally.

On the other hand, I got used to my routine and daily posts,  I don’t feel like my day was completed, if I don’t write anything. And in weak moments, as I’ve mentioned before, I remember everything I write, if I don’t, I get back and read, and motivate myself again.

To be honest, I’m proud of myself. I’m glad, that I’m serious with this, and in no moment I wanted to leave this thing. I had (and sometimes still have) these feelings of foolishness, and that this doesn’t mean anything, but I still keep on doing it. Why? Because I believe in it, because it’s one of my inspirational buttons. It’s responsibility to myself, and I don’t want to dissapoint me. Not anymore. I’m not that girl who was used to do. No.

So, what does mr. S.Chandler say in today’s lesson? He offers to divide the things we have to do in small pieces and let ourselves start slowly, like it was a slow motion movie. According to him, the slower you start, the faster you finish and the faster the motivation comes.

“When you first think about doing something hard or overwhelming, you
are most aware of how you don’t want to do it at all. In other words, the
mental picture you have of the activity, of doing it fast and furiously, is
not a happy picture. So you think of ways to avoid doing the job
The thought of starting slowly is an easy thought. And doing it slowly
allows you to actually start doing it. Therefore it gets finished.
Another thing that happens when you flow into a project slowly is that
speed will often overtake you without your forcing it. Just as the natural
rhythm inside you will get you in sync with what you are doing. You’ll
be surprised how soon your conscious mind stops forcing the action and
your subconscious mind supplies you with easy energy.”

I could confirm it when I remember how I do the things for studies. Normally, I’m trying to start with the things I don’t understand or I don’t like – just to get rid of them as soon as possible and be able to start to do the things I like. Also, when I feel that I really don’t want to do something, I start it slowly. I make an enviroment, I set the “right” mood, I obligate myself to concentrate, and start doing it. Once I start, everything goes faster. The hardest thing is the beggining.

That’s why sometimes I really hate internet 😀 I remember, when I was in my bachelorus studies, I didn’t have internet, so it was way easier to do homeworks – there were no distractions around. And now.. to check the mail… to think topic for blog… to read some news, maybe something important has happened in the world during these 5 min since I’m not updated and I won’t know… to listen to some song on youtube… to find lyrics… and to sing… buff… hard 🙂

I should go and thing, what are the things I don’t want to do, and start doing them. Now. 🙂

The dynamite is living inside you. You don’t have to be frenzied about
setting it off. It lights just as well to a match struck slowly. – S.Chandler.


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