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Step 17. Learn to play a role


We’re digging more and more to the philoshophy.

Your future is not determined by your personality. In fact, your
personality is not even determined by your personality. There is no
genetic code in you that determines who you will be. You are the
thinker who determines who you will be. How you act is who you
become.” – S.Chandler.

The scientists, after long years of discussions, investigations, etc., have proved, that we don’t come to this world in “tabula rasa” – like a white sheet of paper. Coming to the world, we bring some abilities to learn, some features which we’ve got from our parents. During the years of inculturization – or, years of growing, in other words – we get some cultural knowledge: behaviour patterns, language, views, values, habits. So, it’s not only US, who determine WHO we will be. It’s determined by the social environment. So, the way we act and the way we think, is also determined by our environment. To be more radical, it can be said, that nothing can be changed, it is as it is, and even if we manage to change our way of thinking, it’s because it was determined by some facts – changing of environment, social relationships, etc. No free will, as it is said. 🙂

But, it doesn’t mean, that we have to accept everything and live as we live. If on particular moment, we get a thought, that something is wrong with our lives/mind/behaviour, it means, something is changing in our environment, so we are able to control. And also, it’s important to be conscious on what’s happening and what you are doing.

Learning to play a role can be difficult because there could be a sensation, that everything is not natural and artificial. It’s normal, when it passes long time doing one thing, it becomes a habit, and when it’s being changed, other things seem weird, not natural.

S.Chandler makes a great connection between acting and emotions. He says, that when people are acting, they try to feel those emotions they have to express. And one time they have to be happy, next sad – it’s their job, they can’t say “today I feel happy, I can’t act in drama and cry”. The ones, who do their job good, are admired by the audience, they are called to be the good ones. Others, who don’t convince us, are hoot. So, it means, that the emotions could be controlled. We can be the ones we want to be. It’s like a look back to step 3. Tell yourself a true lie. This step shows HOW to do that.

Yet we don’t realize that we ourselves miss the same opportunities in
life when we can’t “be” the person we want to be. It doesn’t take
authentic circumstances to be who you want to be. It just takes
rehearsal.” – S.Chandler.

Step by step discovering these things part of which in some moment of my life were known, I’m going through the right way. I’m open to possibilities and new challenges. It seems, my life is not over yet! That’s a great new.


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