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Step 18. Don’t just do something… sit there

I like this! 🙂

But this is not about sitting lazy and wasting our time without doing anything. Opposite – it’s about learning to be in silence with ourselves.  It’s hard, no? Can you imagine yourself now, spending whole afternoon alone, without people, music, book, TV, internet, radio, phone… ? Just you and yourself. Thinking, contemplating.

But it’s true, the best ideas come when we listen to them, and we can hear them just when we are in silence.

Also, I would say, that this silence and peace time is necessary for our inner peace. From everyday running we get the routing, catch the inertia and don’t reflect on what’s going on.

That’s why lately it’s so hard for me to study – I’ve had quite intensive time last weeks, taugh time last months and now I feel completely out of the world. So today I’m going to the university and in the evening I’m going to visit my cousin until tomorrow. No, I won’t be in peace and silence, she has a small baby girl, but at least I will change my environment and it’s very good. I hope to come back tomorrow and be ready to get back to studies again. Because now I’m full of thoughts about emptiness, existance, influence of the thoughts to our reality, etc. I need to get from this and remember, that I’m still having my master studies 🙂

I think, good way to stay in silence, is to take a walk in the nature, in the mountains (if there are some around), visit unknown place, or meditation. Even meditation is already made of sounds, if we listen to some guide talking, or calm music, but it could help to collect the thoughts and leave them behind. The ideas can come just to clean and calm mind. We have to prepare it, if we really want something new to come. 

I need mental holidays. Stay calm. It’s a hard job, which is not learned in few days.


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