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Step 19. Use your brain chemicals

LAUGH! SING! MOVE! DANCE! HUG SOMEONE! Just stop being sad like the world has ended and you didn’t even had a chance to see it!!!

Everything is on our mind. That’s just a question of wish and motivation to turn everything one side or another.

S.Chandler gives the advise to find out, what makes us feel like having fun. According to him, anything we do, has to be fun, if it isn’t, something is being done wrong. Or if it’s not funny, that it should be created the way to make it so. Maybe good advise? Maybe instead of using some boring wayof stuying or spending days, it has to be found some other way how to improve? The routine doesn’t let us see what’s wrong, or sometimes we are afraid to look weird and that’s why we don’t have any fun.

I remember, few weeks ago I was so sad, I wanted to cry so much… But I turned my music loud, I put youtube, and listened to some energetic songs, which I like and danced, sung, danced… It has passed maybe half an hour, and I felt better. It’s so strange, because of course, the sadness, the reality doesn’t disappear, it stays, that’s why later I feel stupid. On the other hand, while dancing, it felt good and later I was trying to keep this feeling.

It is said, that the subconscious doesn’t know whether the conscious thoughts we have are true, or no, it just takes them inside and that’s all. So if we manage to cheat, later we can start feeling better and believe that it’s better. So the more we believe, the better we feel. It’s like a circle.

Make a commitment to yourself to find the natural highs you need to
stay motivated. Start by finding out what it does to your mood and
energy to laugh, to sing, to dance, to walk, to run, to hug someone, or to
get something done.
Then support your experiments by telling yourself that you’re not
interested in doing anything that isn’t fun. If you can’t immediately see
the fun in something, find a way to create it. Once you have made a
task fun, you have solved the problem of self-motivation.

Actually, it’s what I’ve been doing last weeks. I was listening to “happy” music, communicating quite much with people, making jokes, having some fun. My possibilities are limited by money, but I did as much as I could.

And now I’m just inlove with one french song “Je veux”. The lyrics almost don’t fit my life now, but in the chorus part she sings:

“Je veux de l’amour, de la joie, de la bonne humeur
Ce n’est pas votre argent qui fera mon bonheur
Moi je veux crever la main sur le coeur
Allons ensemble, découvrir ma liberté
Oubliez donc tous vos clichés
Bienvenue dans ma réalité”
English translation:
I want love, joy, good spirit
It’s not your money that will make me happy
I want to die with a hand on my heart
Let’s go together, let’s discover my freedom,
Forget all your prejudice, welcome to my reality

And this is what I NEED to be happy – Je veux, de l’amour, de la joie, de la bonne humeur…


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