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Step 21. Learn to lose your cool

Look bad. Take a risk. Lose face. Be yourself. Share
yourself with someone. Open up. Be vulnerable. Be human. Leave your
comfort zone. Get honest. Experience the fear. Do it anyway.

Even I’m working on self-motivation, building myself, positive mind, and other nice things, there is still left one important thing – I’m still a human being. I’m still vulnerable, I still have fear, I still get tired.

But after I came back to Lithuania, I realized, how little clever I was thinking that other people care about me and the judge me for something. I was not being myself lately. So, with the help of my psychologist, I faced the truth – that I can be myself and I’m quite nice being so šŸ™‚

And one of the best feelings in the life is to leave our comfort zone. Our happiness increases proportionally to it – the bigger the comfort zone is, the happier we feel. I do have a need to step out of known things and go somewhere where I have no clue what will happen. That feeling of the fear and later who I’m discovering everything step by step, how unknown becomes known, is amazing. My last three years were full of it. I was so happy coming to Spain to volunteer and later being able to travel around a bit. I was so happy during all these three years…

The most important. Be myself. No matter what others expect from me, no matter that sometimes I don’t feel like doing something what others want me to do, I want to be myself. To find, create and be myself.

Probably it’s my long term objective. I need to find the way HOW to do it.


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