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Step 22. Kill your television

I’m surprised, how this kind of advises are in the book of self-motivation! 🙂 Or well, it’s true, without a TV on, we could do way more things, and remember that there still exists some world outside this box.

Lately I started to think, that maybe I should skip some steps, or make couple in one day, because some of them I’ve made before. But at the end I decided not to hurry (as this was my idea before, to talk it calmly), better to learn others better.

I killed my TV maybe 10 years ago. That’s how much time passed since I’m almost not watching it. Last months I don’t even know how to use it 🙂

S.Chandler uses the argument, that watch TV is like to observe others, who are “happier”, “prettier”, “richer”, “cleverer” than us, and feel sorry for ourselves. I’d say, that it’s more about wasting the time. If there is something good, interesting, usefull, it’s good to watch it, to learn something new. But if we watch just soap operas, we lose the time to communicate with our families, friends, even with ourselves. And this is not good.

Why are we afraid of personal time with ourselves? Why do we always escape being surrounded by strangers, or with TV’s on? What’s happening there, in our heads, that we don’t want to hear and to know it? …

“Groucho Marx once said he found television very educational. “Every
time someone turns it on,” he said, “I go in the other room to read a

Actually, nothing left to say on today’s step – it could be related with all others – look upside-down and try to look for other way to spend our time.

To be honest, I could substitute TV with computer, and spend less time without it. This is going to happen from january 🙂 I think, I’m going to live with one guy, who has no internet at home. Can you believe???? No internet at home! Amazing!

So, actually, I’m looking forward to see how long would it take my abstinence syndrom and how I will manage it.

I hope, 2 months left until I’m going to Basque Country. So beautiful land. I’ve been there just once, and anyway I feel I’m inlove with that part of Spain.

Finally, I have something to wait for…


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