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Step 24. Run your own plays

Well, today I’ll try to speak on S.Chandler’s words,  I will directly quote him, ’cause he is an expert. So, get ready to know, what does he say about the difference of creation and reaction to the life.


“You can create your own plans in advance so that your life will respond to you. If you can hold the thought that at all times your life is either a creation or a reaction, you can continually remind yourself to be creating and planning. “Creation” and “reaction” have the same letters in them, exactly; they are anagrams. (Perhaps that’s why people slip so easily out of one and into the other.)

Many of us can spend whole days reacting without being aware of it.
We wake up reacting to news on the clock radio. Then we react to
feelings in our body. Then we start reacting to our spouses or our
children. Soon we get in the car and react to traffic, honking the horn
and using sign language. Then, at work, we see an e-mail on our
computer screen and react to that. We react to stupid customers and
insensitive bosses who are intruding on our day. During a break, we
react to a waitress at lunch.
This habit of reacting can go on all day, every day. We become goalies
in the hockey game of life, with pucks flying at us incessantly.
It’s time to play another position. It’s time to fly across the ice with the
puck on our own stick ready to shoot at another goal.
Robert Fritz, who has written some of the most profound and useful
books on the differences between creating and reacting, says, “When
your life itself becomes the subject matter of the creative process, a
very different experience of life opens to you—one in which you are
involved with life at its very essence.”

See the
tasks ahead as plays you’re going to run. You’ll feel involved in your life
at its very essence, because you’ll be encouraging the world to respond
to you. If you don’t choose to do that, the life you get won’t be an
accident. As an old Jewish folk saying puts it, “A person who does not
make a choice makes a choice.


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