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Step 25. Find your inner Einstein

Do you think, that for solving problems you need to have a huge knowledge? Do you think, that you have to have the highest IQ to be happy? I should calm you down and say – you don’t need to be intelligent, or have unbeatable IQ to be happy. All you need to do – is…. DREAM!

Really? – you’d ask. – Really is so easy?

S.Chandler says, that when we are kids, our days are full of dreams, we don’t stop thinking and dreaming.  And these thoughts/dreams make us find some amazing ideas for our activities or even problems. When we stop controlling us from dreaming, amazing solutions come to our minds.

“If you go back into that state of self-confidence and dream again, you’ll
be pleasantly surprised at how many innovative and immediate solutions
you come up with to your problems.”

I know it personally, when I stop being worried and afraid of something I could fail and I become open to possibilities, I get some ideas. Some of them come true, some of them not, but the most important is that they come.

The author gets back to the start of the book, when he was talking about creating yourself. Here he says, that dreaming helps doing it. First of all, we should dream about what kind of person we’d like to be. Dreaming, according to S.Chandler, takes confidence and courage.

Everyday I make a step, I remember the things once I forgot. I just don’t know WHY have I forgotten them. I stoped dreaming. Did I think, that dreaming is for the kids? Probably. I forgot to be a kid. Even I’m still a kid in some cases, and I’m glad for this.

I’m dead inside, that’s why I forgot everything. And I’m dead not since we broke with my ex. I was dead way before. I can’t remember the day I died, or even the situation. Were these horrible 2 years of some painfull relationship with my first one? Or were these strange 10 years of indefinable friendship, where I’m not sure if she abused me and played a victim role to manipulate me, or she was really in so bad condition? Or maybe two years ago when my hopes of getting a job in Spain were broken and I didn’t recover from them?

When did I die? Maybe when I was teenager and I saw the things I wouldn’t wish my enemy to see it? Is the resurrection still possible? Gosh, I’m willing to live, I’m dreaming about the joy, I don’t want to spend my life motivating myself, living a normal life, but not having joy… It’s like a living in a desert…

It scares me… I’m freaking out now…

When is the limit of stop thinking and digging deeper and deeper?…


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