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Step 26. Run toward your fear

I couldn’t avoid putting this video when talking about running toward the fear.

There are so many people who are afraid of something. They are afraid of changes, of failures, of trying, of talking in public, of saying their opinion, of being theirselves… Where does this fear come? No idea…

It’s always so sad, when the fear puts a sing  , and people stop and look at it. Later they feel pitty for themselves, saying, that they have no luck and their life is a shit and it doesn’t give the possibilities. When we are afraid, when we stay in our comfort zone, possibilities can’t enter even if they want, ’cause the doors are closed. 

In Lithuania when somebody is afraid, we say – look the fear to the eyes. It really helps 🙂 When we courage ourselves to look the fear to the eyes, we realize that the fear is not so big as it seemed before. S.Chandler offers to run towards it 

General George Patton said, “Fear kills more people than death.” Death
kills us but once, and we usually don’t even know it. But fear kills us
over and over again, subtly at times and brutally at others. But if we
keep trying to avoid our fears, they will chase us down like persistent
dogs. The worst thing we can do is close our eyes and pretend they don’t

I’m trying to control myself all the time if I feel that I’m afraid of something. To be honest, my comfort zone is very big now – after few years of living abroad, travelling around a bit, facing challenges, sometimes I feel, that there are little things I’m afraid of. I feel comfortable if I have to take my bag and go to unknown place with unknown people, I feel comfortable if I have to speak to them in foreign language, I feel good if I have to speak in public. These things don’t make me feel uncomfortable and worry all the time.

What I’m afraid of, is my ability to communicate with people. I’m afraid they wouldn’t accept me, or I wouldn’t have what to talk with them about. But I’m coping with it – I’m meeting new people last half year, creating new connections. I’m being myself. Everytime it scares me, and after the situation, I feel more and more comfortable.

If you are ever in an undermotivated mood, find something you fear and
do it—and watch what happens.”

We all need to find all our fears and look at them, courage ourselves and see what happens – maybe it can turn out to something good. If no – at least we would have tried.



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