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Step 28. Try interactive listening

There are few principles of active listening when we communicate with people. One of this – interactive listening.

What does it mean? It means, that instead of pretending that we’re listening to what our friends/family/couples are saying, we should really do it. But not only listening, but also we should be questioning them in relation with the topic. We should be trying to understand them, check from time to time if we understood everything good, etc.

You say, what does it have in common with self motivation? I guess, with interactive listening we improve our communication skills and automatically – the way we relate (step 27).  The better our relationships with others are, the happier and more motivated we are.

I know, that after all day of working, having personal worries, studies, problems, etc., it’s so hard to communicate with some one, and listen to them honestly. But just think about what you gain! You get the quality time with your friend, you strenghthen your relationships and you motivate yourself.

I’ve been doing this for few years. It’s very interesting, ’cause the conversations are much more de

eper and with more things to learn. Also, it’s very imporant not to push the person and know his/her needs. That’s why I’m not asking very often, I let people share with me as much as they want. Normally I just make sure if they are ok telling me the things and what they expect. I’m trying to be honest with them, and I’m not saying nice things to get rid of them. Or at least I’m trying 🙂

When we are listened to,” wrote Brenda Ueland, “it creates us, makesus unfold and expand. Ideas actually begin to grow within us and come
to life.


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