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Step 29. Embrace your willpower

Ufff, I was so busy yesterday, I didn’t even write a post. Actually, not so busy, as tired after very long, full of classes and intensive brain work day. This week is strange, I’m not too busy, but when as always I leave the things to the last minute, I end up tired and dead. Yesterday was like this and I couldn’t even read a book before a sleep.

But well, today is a new day, it’s friday, so let’s start it with energy, ’cause the weekend is coming soon!

When I think about myself in my past and presence, I see two different persons. On the one hand, I prefer my past “me”, on the other – my present “me”. I like myself now, because I’m not a teenager anymore, I don’t have a fear to be alone, I don’t think, that if the guy I like doesn’t pay attention to me it’s because I’m not pretty. I like myself, because I understand that I’m the one to “blame” for my failures and success.

Why I prefer my past “me”? Because in these years I was kind of stronger, I had bigger willpower, I was concentrated on my objectives and I was going straight to them. Nothing could stop me.

Later I lost my strong willpower, and I though, it was forever. If I couldn’t do something, I wasn’t trying harder, I was just saying: “I dont have the willpower”. And I believed, this explanation justified me. Everytime this was my excuse.

Well, S.Chandler claims, that everyone has the willpower, the problem is that it can be weak, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be worked on and made stronger. He says, that will can go both directions – to becoming stronger or to atrophy. And the most interesting thing is that WE decide this direction.

I am the one who controls mine willpower.

I am the one who decides to do one thing or another.

I am the one who depends on me.

I am the one who is going for my objectives.

I am the one who is responsible for my failures or success.

I am the one who has willpower, just like anyone else.

It’s just not fair to project our life expectations on the others.

“When I left college to join the army, one of the reasons I decided to sign
up was because I thought it might help teach me to develop my
self-discipline. But somehow I had not been aware of the “self” in
self-discipline. I wanted discipline to be given to me by someone else. I
found out in boot camp that others do not give willpower and
self-discipline. The drill sergeant might have been persuasive and
inspiring (or at times terrifying), but he couldn’t make me do anything
until I decided to do it. Nothing happened until I generated the will to
make it happen.”

Easy. Now everything what has to be done – to recover the willpower. The hardest thing is to accept it.


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