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Step 30. Perform your little rituals

Ohhhh, actually, I’m a little fan of rituals! Not only the rituals, but some traditions, as well. I am not talking about some festival traditions, or something, but about the traditions in the circle of friends, or couple traditions. I love to have some asociations, for example, when I lived in Spain, wednesdays asociated me with meeting up with friends and going to watch Champions league matches, saturday mornings with weekly shopping in Mercadona and cooking someting nice and new.  I have always dreamed about some traditions in a family as well. Someday they will come true 🙂

So, rituals are also in this kind of things. S.Chandler suggests us to imagine that we are some shamans, who need to dance and sing to get the healing started.

Doing something is what leads
to doing something. It’s a law of the universe: An object in motion stays
in motion.”

I’d relate this not only to the importance to the ritual as the fact, but also as a thing, which has continuity, forms a part of routine and becomes unseparable part of our day. Also it reminds me a bit Step 9. Build a track record. Although there I was talking more about following my behaviour and looking if I’m doing something I thought before I wouldn’t be able to do, the ritual also could be something similar. Obviously, it will be hard to get used to the new habit, but it worth to try. It is said, that 21 day is needed to form a new habit.

A part of this, ritual-tradition is good to motivate ourselves. Nothing falls from the sky, so when we believe that taking some rituals could help us to become more creative, to calm down or just take away bad mood, it helps.

During these months,  I found out, that when I’m filled up with negative emotions, I need some sport. When I had an opportunity, I was going to the gym. I remember one Sunday, when I had a hard day, I couldn’t concentrate at all, my mind was out of the world, I left everything and went to the gym. I started to run, my tears were falling down my face, I was running, faster and faster, I didn’t stop until I calmed down and got tired. I did some 4km that day. It’s not a lot, but at least it took my emotions away that time. Now it’s more complicated, as I don’t have financial possibilities to go to the gym and I can’t run outside, since I live in Lithuania and it’s not good idea to run on November…

The other thing I like, is walking. When I have a possibility and free time, I get off the bus few stops before my university and I go there by foot. It’s so nice! I should do it more.

Next “ritual” I will start to do – mornings with yoga. I have some video of it, and last month I started, but I didn’t go on with it more. So from tomorrow morning, I’m starting yoga exercises. I’ll do it 2-3 times a week. I think, this will make me wait for the mornings when I have exercises, it will wake me up, have good influence to my well being and motivation for a day.

And now, out of the topic.

I just wanted to share the thought I’ve been living with past few days.

It’s better to concentrate on what you have than what you don’t have.

P.S. Is someone able to share their own rituals?



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