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Step 33. Turn into a word processor

“Language leads to power”, says S.Chandler.

Is it true? Who do we feel, when we look at the mirror and say: “How bad I look like today?” And how do we feel when we look at the mirror and say: “God, there is no better looking person than me in the world!” Is there any difference?

I’d say, that there is big meaning not only in the words, but also in the meaning we give to them. Every day I’m more and more convinced that there are plenty of social constructed things, and the meaning of words is one of them. That means, that we can change them. Maybe not everything, ’cause in that case it would be difficult to communicate with others. But, as S.Chandler offers, is possible to change one word for another to have more motivation.

To weight lifters, failure is success. Unless they lift a weight to the
point of “failure,” their muscles aren’t growing. So they have
programmed themselves, through repetition, to use the word “failure” in
a positive sense.”

As other things, which are related with change of habits, they require efforts and they don’t come easy. I would add to S.Chandler, that not only the word should be changed, but the motivation appears depending on the point of view. How do we look to the failure? Like a huge fail or a lesson to learn and to improve? How do we handle difficulties? Do we give up and stop fighting? Or do we become more motivated and hungry for reaching the objective? How often do we fight? How often do we look for excuses WHY we haven’t reached something? Here is the answer. It’s always the easiest way to give up and chose the intuitive way. Just go and don’t do anything. Later complain.

Zen philosopher and scholar Alan Watts also used to hate the word
“discipline” because it had so many negative connotations. Yet he knew
that the key to enjoying any activity was in the discipline. So he would
substitute the word “skill” for “discipline” and when he did that he was
able to develop his own self-discipline.”

I wish everyone who reads this blog to find the inner strenght and create the words which make you feel better and more motivated! Everything starts with out motivation!

Good luck!



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