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Step 34. Program your biocomputer

Sometimes I wish to skip some steps of this book, but I don’t let myself do that. I know, that my blog is called “100 ways to motivate yourself”, so it has to be 100, not 99 or 98.

On the other hand, I understand that the book was published in 2001, when the TV was still so popular, and the advise like this, to stop watching negative programs and start our own “media”, was quite useful and innovative. Even challenging a bit, no?

But now… Or maybe it’s just for me. As being a journalist, I know what does he mean. The good new is a bad new. But it’s not because we, journalists, are bad, following sentations, adoring celebrities and their love stories, we can’t live without crime and the more the better. It’s because you, dear reader, show us what do you want to read. Every time you click on the link with the word “Britney Spears”, “Justin Bieber”, “Amy Winehouse”, “Terorist attact”, “Suicide”, “Killed”, “Died”, etc., you tell us, especially, our chiefs-all-mighty-all know editors: “We want more of this! We

want more of this!!!” And all the office is following the clicks and statistics, according to which they organize they next day’s job.

Of course, there is another part of this. Serious media, which is alive not because of the scandals, also exists. But the popular media, is like this. I guess, little wish to INFORM the society has left, now money and beating the competitor is more important.

So yes, in this case I could say it’s important to stop reading all this bullshit we are given. But not only because it is affecting our minds, but also because it’s wasting our time. It’s way better to read some quality things, some blogs, magazines, even books. I’m jealous to english speakers, ’cause you have so much good stuff! Sometimes I get tired of reading in english, because all my study readings are in this language, so at the end of the day the only one thing I want, is my native, quite well understandable language.

When we read something useful, we also grow intelectually, what is really important as well.



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