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Step 37. Make a relation-shift

Well, today’s lesson is quite altruistic one – share the knowledge. Not any knowledge you have – but the self-motivation one. S.Chanlder says, that we become even more motivated if we share ideas with others. By doing this, we grow ourselves.

Some weeks ago I was telling to my psychologist, that I feel like if somebody would come to me and ask for advise, I couldn’t give one to him, I couldn’t motivate him. I would just say: “Yes, everything is bad and it will only get worse. Nothing has a meaning in this life, so it will be better if you don’t exist.” That’s how I felt this time. Now I would say different things. Maybe I wouldn’t inspire anyone, my life is not very inspirational one, but at least I could prove, that life is beautiful. Pase lo que pase, la vida es bella. Nesvarbu, kas benutiktų, gyvenimas yra gražus. The most important – is to learn to read it and take it’s signs as lessons, not as punishments.

When we get to know something, we grow. But if we only keep this knowledge to ourselves, it starts to stink. It stays there closed, without any posibility to escape, and at the end it loses it’s meaning. Nothing belongs to us – we adquire something, we keep until is needed and later we let it go. The good thing of knowledge is that even if we share, it doesn’t disolve, it just gets more colors. And how amazing is the feeling of sharing!!!

Maybe this was one of the reasons of this blog. I didn’t expect to get so many likes (more than a 100 already! Thanks to all!), and readers, I just did it for me and thinking, maybe somebody would find it motivational in some aspect. Basically, it’s my personal path to new life and new me. But when sharing it, I see more meaning and I really feel more motivated to go on doing it.


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