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Step 39. Come to your own rescue

Rescue me from the mire
Whisper words of desire
Rescue me – Darling rescue me
With your arms open wide
Want you here by my side
Come to me – darling rescue me
When this world’s closing in
There’s no need to pretend
Set me free – darling rescue me” (B.Adams “Do I have to say the words”)

The more I live, the more experience I get, the less I like some songs I used to love. Or the less I believe them. These lyrics sound so soft – rescue me – putting the responsibility to another person, all hopes, wishes, giving so much job to other instead of both being indepedent and loving each other. I prefer not to put my hopes and problems on another persons shoulder, but rather enjoy being together without anything else.

It’s so good when we are kids and our parents come to rescue us from every trouble we get in. Then we don’t have to worry about anything – just ask for help and everything is done. When we grow up, our problems grow up with us, so parents aren’t able anymore to help. What happens? We sit and wait until something comes and helps us? But if nobody comes?

The notion that “no one is coming” was somehow terrifying to accept.
The idea that no one was going to rescue me from my circumstances is
an idea that I might never have accepted. That idea sounded too much
like the final abandonment.

The truth is, that…. NOBODY IS COMING.

It’s very important to understand and accept it. It’s the basis of everything. After having realized it, the thought that “ME” it’s enough, is very strong. In this moment you understand that you don’t need anyone to come to solve your problems.

Long time ago I was waiting for somebody to rescue me. I had to be patient. I was waiting.



And waiting.


Nobody came.

So finally I started to learn to fight alone. And I’m still doing this. And it’s so ok. I’m responsible for my troubles and succes. And it’s good.

And paradoxically, from that position of independence, truly great
relationships can be built, because they aren’t based on dependency and
fear. They are based on mutual independence and love.”

So, I could only advise to every one – don’t project your expectations on others. It’s us who do everything for us. Let’s do it like this, and it will be more time and possibilities to enjoy the rest of the things with other people.



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