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Step 41. Get up on the right side

…I guess, the problem of some people is the lack of motivation. And the lack of motivation has a direct connection with a purpose. So, it means, that the lack of purpose means less motivation. Less motivation –> less happiness –> less joy –> no relationshipg with ourselves, with others. After all come frustations, fights, anger and all other negative emotions. Finally one sits on the bridge and thinks – why do all people have a normal, good, happy life except me?

And what happens when there is a purpose? Even the smallest one? We feel some wave of energy, no matter what. No matter if we ate that day, no matter if we’re sick, tired or sad. Motivation gives us energy which lets do the stuff we are doing. Energy creates strenght –>more motivation –> self-esteem –> believe in ourselves when we reach the objective –> double more motivation.

I feel saddest when I reach objectives. Ironic, no? Sometimes it seems, the most important is the process, not the result. Of course, it always should be the continuity, not the end. This is what I lacked before – being able to continue when I reach something.

Talking in the words of science, what happens with the brain, when we have the aim and we go for it? Why our bodies react differently to similar, at the first glance, things?

If you had to carry a heavy sack of sand across town, your left brain
might get upset and tell you that you were doing something boring and
tedious. However, if your child were injured badly and she weighed the
same as the huge bag of sand, you’d carry her the same distance to the
hospital with a surprising surge of vital energy (sent from the right
brain). That’s what purpose does to the brain.” – says S.Chandler.

I enjoy looking at the motivated people, it seems they are enjoying even when they are breathing. Their faces are shining, they are radiating their positivity and contagiate with it others. Damn, it’s so great to look at them! The problem is, that lately I don’t see a lot of them. Why? It’s because I’m not like this, or because there are really less people like them?  I don’t know. Maybe it’s the first option?

If you want to see one person like this, go to my page “sounding personal buttons” and look for the french girl Zaz and her song “Je vieux”. Enjoy listening and watching! Just look at that girl, HOW she is enjoying what she’s doing!

I wish me and all of you the same. To have this feeling at least once. Once you have it, probably you will be seeking for it rest of your life.

Je vieux!



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