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Step 42. Let your whole brain play

It feels, that steps of last days are related on brain functioning and it’s divided in few parts to make it easier.

brainSo for today S.Chandler offers us to use whole brain. Not only right part, responsible for creativity, but also the left one. As he marks, we use both sides during tough times, some catastrophic moments. But… we don’t need to wait for them if we want to use whole brain. All we should do, is, as I’ve told in other steps – find a purpose, challenge and go for it.

The three best ways to activate whole-brain thinking are through 1)
goal-visualization, 2) joyful work, and 3) revitalizing play. Rather than
wait for external crises to appear, create internal challenge games of
your own—goals and purposes—that lead you in growth toward the
motivated person you want to become.

When I started all this “project”, I was worried, that I don’t have any aim. I was sad, hurted, I didn’t want anything. But I was mistaken! I had the aim – to recover and to become motivated person. So, as in 8 days I’ll reach half of the way, finally I know, that I found my objective 🙂 Of course, it’s more short time one, it’s like an introduction to new life style and way of thinking.

I’m so conscious these weeks, that I’m sure – my brain is working and is doing it’s job. Great!

So, this is short reminder to everyone – we don’t have to wait until something terrible or painful happens in our lifes, we can start to use  our brain and go for our aims before that. Then maybe we could prevent bad things.

And tomorrow starts winter! Last month of the year! It has been very strange year. 🙂


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