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Step 44. Just make everything up

creativity-01Yesterday I had a short conversation with my friend about her relationships with her boyfriend. It was my first conversation on this topic since the break of me and my ex. I was afraid I couldn’t manage to talk about couple topic, as I still have my heart a bit bleeding. But at the end it was not so bas as I expected.

But this is not about the topic. It’s about creativity.

Wait a second and I will make a connection between creativity and my friend’s relationship issues.

So, she is not happy in the relationship because lately she’s been working a lot, coming home tired and her boyfriend doesn’t consider it necessary to help her in household. More, when she says something to him, he gets angry and offended. She doesn’t know what to do.

I said her, that sometimes instead of complaining and getting into fights, it could be more productive to look for other ways to solve arising problems. For example, if he wants the food to be ready when he comes back home but he doesn’t want to wash dishes after lunch/dinner, there could be a possibility to prepare it in those plastic plates and throw them after having ate. 🙂 If the guy doesn’t like the idea, maybe he would understand the hint 🙂

So, what I wanted to tell her, that creativity in these situations could be very valuable thing. Especially, when she is creative.

And S.Chandler says, that there is no need to be Picasso, or Dali,or anyone else to be creative.

We have charged the word “creative” with meaning something truly
extraordinary. Picasso was creative. Meryl Streep is creative. Wyclef
Jean is creative. But me?
So one of the ways to get started creating goals and action plans is to
just “make them up,” like you did as a kid. Think of creating in simpler
terms. Think of it as something all humans do very easily. French
psychologist Emile Coue said, “Always think of what you have to do as
easy and it will be.”

creativity_cme-function_6x4It’s hard to believe that everyone can be creative, but once started and tried, the first step is made, so it can be done more.

Personall me, I’m trying to remember this and to look for some different, creative solutions for my days. I don’t know how succesfull I’ve been until now, because it seems, my life is quite calm and routine lately. But maybe it’s true ,despite that I’m sitting at home alone and studying, I could use some creative energy to do the same? 🙂 I should think about it.


P.S. these two days I’m feeling like I’m in the moment of one step back. I’m talking about that rhythm – two steps forward, one step back. I’m feeling sad these days, my thoughts are somewhere else, I don’t know how to feel. I feel a bit tired of studies, and I need a day off thinking about my master, etc. On the other hand I want to concentrate me more and read everything about the topic. I want to know something, because the feeling that people don’t have what to talk to me about or that I can’t handle human relationship, is going to drive me crazy.


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