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Step 48. Enjoy all your problems

Radical illness

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It was long time ago when I saw this headline and I thought, that I’ll never reach it – it was so far away 🙂

So, here I am now. Trying to enjoy all my problems. At the first glance, this statement sounds a bit ridiculous. How the problems could be enjoyed? They are ment to be fought against, avoided, etc. BUT.


I’d say not only problems, but also challenges.

So, there are few steps made before, in this one. First of all, S.Chandler offers us to look at the problem and look for an unexpected, creative solution. And we’ve learnt it few weeks ago in the step, called welcome the unexpected.

Other – to challenge ourselves.

One of the best ways to approach a problem is in a spirit of play, the
same way you approach a chess game or a challenge to play one-on-one
playground basketball.

One more could be – bounce your thoughts. It’s about trying to think differently. I agree, that challenges make us grow. Without them we start to exist, we become vegetables. But I’d prefer call it rather challenge than problem. In this way I would put some daily objectives which also could be tried to archieve. On the onther hand, S.Chandler, talking about problems, refer to real problem. For example, serious disease.

“In his groundbreaking studies of natural healing, Dr. Andrew Weil
suggests that we even regard illness as a gift. “Because illness can be
such a powerful stimulus to change,” he writes in Spontaneous Healing,
“perhaps it is the only thing that can force some people to resolve their
deepest conflicts. Successful patients often come to regard it as the
greatest opportunity they ever had for personal growth and
development—truly a gift. Seeing illness as a misfortune, especially one
that is undeserved, may obstruct the healing system. Coming to
see the illness as a gift that allows you to grow may unlock it.

Probably I should be starting to accept, that apart of huge pain I had since the end of august, the good part of this was that I grew up. I was in the bottom, I had lost everything, there was nothing else left to lose. And I fould out myself that I CAN stand up on my feets by myself and keep on living. I’ve got to know myself better, I’ve discovered things, I’ve changed them. And yes, it happened so THANKS TO THAT BIG PROBLEM AND HUGE LOSE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN MY LIFE. 

“Every problem in your life,” said Richard Bach, author of Illusions,
“carries a gift inside it.”

I’ve got my present. MYSELF. Self-esteem. And appearing JOY OF LIFE. I did it. I’ve passed the most difficult time in quite short time, I focused, I almost didn’t waste my time, but I used it racionally in order to get better faster.

I’m not using the term “I’m having a tough time”, I use “I had a tough time”, and now I’m moving on. It’s very important to draw a line and finish the past actions and go to the new period of life.

The most important is to be ready for the problems, because sooner or later they’ll come (remember that rhythm of life – two steps forward, one step back), and not to be scared of them. When we handle on problem, we are already bigger and ready for another. That’s the beauty and attraction of life!


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