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Step 50. Get down and get small

The biggest is not always the best.

Daily life is made of small steps, leading us to big issues.

Unfortunately, we focus on the big ones, forgetting the small ones.

You suffer from a sense of powerlessness. Rather than creating the
reality you want, you are only reacting to the world around you. You
have much more control over the activities of your day than you realize.
By increasing your conscious use of small objectives, you will see the
larger objectives coming into reality.

And it’s also about productive use of time. When it is some time left until the end of the job, we still can do some tiny job, instead of waiting and doing nothig.

I’m facing the biggest problem of my life – badly management of my time. I’m having lots of time and I can do lots of things, but I use my time properly just in the first part of the day. Later I stop doing so. And I’m always conscious, that I’m organising it bad, but until now I haven’t achieved to it better 😀 I still have hopes, that I’m not useless and I can do it. That’s one of my challenges and aims for next year. I was afraid I won’t have any.

And now, as S.Chandler offers, I’m putting small objectives for a day and I’m trying to follow them. It’s more small daily jobs, which I have to do. It’s amazing feeling when I see how I’m checking them like done.

Soon my biggest objective and challenge is also going to be DONE. And I will be looking for new ones. Or improving the old ones.


And here you can find quite good advises of managing time.


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