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Step 51. Advertise to yourself

b92f77634e07ee91ab4529c3f1b4a7b5I’ve been out for a couple of days. On Monday I had my last exam, and yesterday I was in Vilnius, I got one certificate for participation in one journalist project. Just there I met one anthropologist, who asked me if we could give the same presentation to her students. She liked our investigation about homosexual couples in Lithuania and the kids, growing there. Who knows a bit about Lithuania, knows, that my country is still quite homophobic on this question.

So I just came back home today, had couple of things to do and here I am in by blog. I feel a bit distracted, my thoughts again are somewhere, I should collect them again. So now I’m just directy quoting what S.Chandler says about making daily purposes of a  day and always having them visualized. Just in this way the subconscious has clear view of the things we want.


I often start the day by drawing four circles on a blank piece of paper.
The circles represent my day (today), my month, my year, and my life.
Inside each circle I write down what I want. It can be a dollar figure, it
can be anything, and the goals can change from day to day—it doesn’t
matter. There is no way to get this process “wrong.”
But by writing the goals down, I am like an airline pilot who is
consulting his or her map prior to takeoff. I am orienting my mind to
what I am up to in life. I am reminding myself of what I really want.
We wouldn’t think, before an airline flight, of poking our heads into the
cabin and saying to the pilot, “Just take me anywhere!” Yet that’s how
we live our days when we don’t check the map.

Sometimes in my seminars on motivation, people observe that they
“don’t have time” for goal setting. But the four-circle system I described
takes only four minutes!
Once during a workshop on goal setting, I asked if anyone in the
audience had any interesting experiences with visualization. We had
been discussing sports psychologist Rob Gilbert’s observation that
losers visualize the penalties of failure, and winners visualize the
rewards of success.

Without advertising our goals to ourselves, we can lose sight of them
altogether. It is possible to go an entire week, or two or three, without
thinking about our main goals in life. We get caught up in reacting 

and responding to people and circumstances and we simply forget to
think about our own purpose.”


3 thoughts on “Step 51. Advertise to yourself

  1. Thanks for posting this. This is a good habit to get into. I constantly forget to restate my goals every day. I get wrapped up in the details I need to get done each day. I’ll try this method…then I have the short term and long term on my mind!

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