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Step 52. Think outside the box

outsidethebox_fullpic_artworkHave you ever felt that you are copy-pasting yourself? Have you ever felt, that you are repeating your past moves in your presence? Even it didn’t work, are you repeating it, only because you were used to it? Or especially if it worked, are you looking for something new?

If you have felt that you are copying yourself and you don’t look for something new because it’s easier to repeat, keep on reading.

Doing so, as S.Chandler says, we lose the possibility to improve ourselves. We live and think inside the box, so we won’t find anything new in any moment. We should think outside the box – look for different, strange, new, original, special solutions in our lifes. Just doing so we can open new possibilities to our lifes – new, fresh air, which is always good.

Great motivational energy occurs when we get out of the box and
assume that the possibilities for creative ideas are infinite. To realize the
best possible future for yourself, don’t look at it through a box
containing your own past.

I feel like I was repeating my ways of being, even though they were not the best ones, or they didn’t work. And just now I am realising, that maybe I could get out of the box and look for something new – maybe if one thing doesn’t work, it can work another.

I guess, just trying new things, the life is being discovered and created.




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