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Step 53. Keep thinking, keep thinking

Is the glass half empty or half full? The pess...


I’ve mentioned this mind-thought-action connection, which I have discovered when I read one book during the summer. So this step is about this – about the connection between thinking and acting.


I am realising, that I was very pessimistic person. S.Chandler describes pessimists like people who want everything or nothing, who see only black or white and describe themselves as realists, while optimists for them look like looking through the pink glasses.


I was really describing me as a realistic person. And yes, I wanted all or nothing, because I treated nothing as a failure, or mistake. All failures for me was the end of the world, not one more normal step in life.


So, today’s step is about keep on thinking. It’s about not giving up on one situation, but going on thinking and looking for solutions, dividing a problem into small parts and solving them little by little, because when it’s big, it’s really hard to start with everything. Optimists are dividing things into smaller parts and go on fixing them.


“Pessimists are “realistic.” In fact, pessimists will
never tell you they are pessimists. In their own minds, they are realists.
And when they run into habitual optimists they sneer at them for always
“blue-skying” everything, and not facing grim reality.
Pessimists continually use their imaginations to visualize worst-case
scenarios, and then concluding that
those scenarios are lost causes, they take no action. That’s why
pessimism always leads to passivity.”


On the other hand, I was always a fighter, and even I was considering myself as having lost, I was still looking for some ways to find other options, I was never giving up. But now I know even better- I should never stop thinking and always try to look for some solution. There is always one. Like it was said in “The little prince” – there is a well in every desert.




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