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Step 56. Storm your own brain

Buff, I’m not being strict these days, I’m already missing more days of posting in December, than in October and November together, I guess. Yesterday I had tiny celebration of my birthday, couple of friends came and we sat at my place for a while. Later I was already tired a bit, so I went directly to a bed. And today I was also all day with my cousemate and later with my ex coursemate from journalism studies times. Tomorrow I’m also meeting one guy.

So, the lesson for today is to brainstorm our brain in any aspect of our lives. All we need to do, is to relax and don’t control our minds and let ourselves write, let’s say, 20 ideas. Just any which come to our minds. And do so 5 days. That means, that after 5 days we’ll have 100 ideas. I guess, some of them will really be great!


Good luck to everyone, I still haven’t tried, but I will. đŸ™‚



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