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Step 59. Upgrade your old habits

habitsHey, as the world hasn’t ended today (AGAIN!), we should go on towards the self-motivation. Happy survivers!

This step is SOOOOOOO on time! New year is coming… new promises are being made.. and they are going to fail. AGAIN. We won’t even be angry, because we already know what’s going to happen. We just expect – maybe not this time? Maybe this time I’ll succeed?

Nothing is impossible, indeed.

I’ve never thought about it, but there were a lot of things I haven’t thought about until this year. So, I’ve already written in one of the first topics about bouncing the thoughts and trying to look towards the things through upside-down view, that it’s important to be able to change the thoughts from one side to another – from negative to positive, to be able to look to them from the different angle. Now we go further – we look to our bad habits. Oh, don’t lie to yourself that you don’t have one! Everybody does. And you know what, it seems, that nothing is wrong to have a bad habit. It means, that it satisfies some needs. For example, smoking could satisfy the need to relax when somebody is anxious, alcohol can satisfy the need to be brave when somebody is shy. All habits have some function. That’s why we can’t get rid of them.

Bad habits simply cannot be broken. Nor can they
be gotten rid of. Ask the millions who continue to try. They always end
up, in the words of Richard Brautigan, “trying to shovel mercury with a
pitchfork,” because our bad habits exist for good reasons. They’re there
to do something for us, even if that something ends up being
self-destructive. Down deep, even a bad habit is trying to make us
operate better.”

Oh, no, this seems bad. If bad habits are impossible to get rid of, what’s going to happen? Will I always be so lazy and horribly managing my time? It could be so. Or no.

What I should do (and anyone who would agree with me), is to FIND OUT the FUNCTION of that habit and try to replace it with something new which satisfies the same need.

Subconsciously you don’t think your bad habits are bad! And that’s
because they’re filling a perceived need. So the way to strengthen
yourself is to identify the need and honor it. Honor the need by
replacing the current habit with one that is healthier and more
effective. Replace one habit, and soon you’ll be motivated to replace

Sounds easy? Not at all. But that’s why the working on ourselves is needed.

On Sunday I’ll try to make out a list of my old habits and find out their functions. Let’s see what happens.

Stay tuned.

“Trying to move toward the life we want
while dragging along our bad habits was described in the Scottish rock
group Del Amitri’s song lyrics, “It’s like driving with the brakes on, it’s
like swimming with your boots on…”


2 thoughts on “Step 59. Upgrade your old habits

  1. Yes, a functional behavior assessment and healthy replacement behaviors—easier learned than accomplished, to be sure, but worth every effort.

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