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Step 61. Swim laps underwater

An active mind cannot exist in an inactive
body” – S.Chandler

That’s one more S.Chandler’s true. Lately I feel like I need psysical activities, as I’m sitting at home all day and working with computer or reading books. I need to take a rest from mental work and move my ass a bit.

Sometimes, all you need is the air that you breathe to motivate yourself.
Going for a run or a walk or simply deep breathing gives the brain the
fuel it feeds on to be newly refreshed and creative.”

These pysical activities are going to be included into my next year plan. As in 12 days I’m going to be in San Sebastian, I’m planning to go to run every morning, or if not every, then 3-4 times a week. The weather is going to be better there, even it’s raining.

I remembered the joy of running when I was writing my last post about 5km running in Madrid last year. So I will definitely come back to sports not only for me, but also for my brain!

Merry Christmas everyone!




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