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Step 62. Bring on a good coach

“Something  lives inside of all of us,
something he called “the voice.” When you wake up in the morning, the
voice is there right away, telling you that you are too tired to get up or
too sick to go to work. During a sales meeting when you are just about
to say something bold to a client, the voice might tell you to cool it.
“Hold back.” “Be careful.”
“The trick is,” said Steve, “to not ignore or deny the existence of the
voice. Because it’s there, in all of us. No one is free of the voice.
However, you don’t have to obey the voice. You can talk back to the
voice. And when you really get good, you can even talk trash to the

Make fun of it. Ridicule it. Point out how stupid it is. And once you get
into that way of debating your own doubts, you start to take back
control of your life.”

let’s rise a glass of hot/cold/red/white wine/beer/champain/whiskey/vodka/etc. for our voices and our ability to discuss with them. It’s WE who put the orders to ourselves. WE are our personal coaches, everytime we are ready to hear everything about us. Let’s never forget it!


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