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Step 63. Try to sell your home

costa rica buildingWhen I feel unsafe, I go home. I hide myself in the deepest corner of my four walls and I don’t go out until I don’t feel safe.

But what if my house is not a home? What if I don’t feel comfortable there? What if I’m homeless? Where to look for a place to hide then?

The answer is both: easy and complicated. Create a home inside myself. Clean it from bad habits, make the ones which I like and enjoy. Make this place welcome, make this place always be waiting for me to come back.

Nobody can live without a place to come back when something is wrong. Or good. Doesn’t matter.

This doesn’t appear from one day to another. It’s a process of step by step. Little by little.

Maybe that’s why it’s so hard to get rid of bad habits: they make us feel like home, ’cause we are used to have them. And when we are trying to change them, it seems something unnatural – not home.

“It’s very hard to leave home—many of us try and fail many times”, – says S.Chandler.

I need to create a new home, new house. The one I was living in, was a mess, some misunderstanding. NOW, since I”m conscious enough, I have to build a new houce, based on focusing on me and my goals, on creating new me in a way I want.

Identify the habits that keep you trapped. Identify what you have
decided is your final personality and accept that it might be a hasty
construction built only to keep you safe from risk and growth. Once
you’ve done that, you can leave. You can get the blueprints out and
create the home you really want.”

I feel so on-fire and motivated when I’m realising, that my happiness and motivation is in my hands. When I know, that I can control it and I can choose my everyday. I’m getting stronger these months, and making myself ready to face up a world again. In one week and one day I’m going to be in a plane. Again. Hopefully, not for the last time next year.


Out of topic.

My ex said he still loves me.

It doesn’t change anything. He is still my ex.

But He loves me. Still.

That’s the most important.



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