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Step 64. Get your soul to talk

409148_10151214692379528_814817204_nMost people don’t talk to themselves at all. They listen to the radio,
watch TV, gossip, and fill up on the words and thoughts of other people
all day long. But it’s impossible to indulge in that kind of activity and
also get motivated. Motivation is something you talk yourself into.”

I’ve been running from myself for a lot of time. I was afraid to face me up. That took me to the mess and the situation I am now. But it doesn’t matter anymore. What matters is that every time there is a possibility to make a change. And now it’s the best time – new year, new ilusions, new soul talks…

I don’t think it’s necessary to try to convince ourselves with something by saying: “You’re good, you’re good, you’re good… ” It’s better to talk, to find out the things which make us good and do them. Maybe it takes more time, but it’s more effective. I’ve been trying to convince me, but at the end when I saw how useless it was, I felt even worse than before the convincing.

So, maybe this is my first promise for the upcoming year. I’ll talk to myself more. I’ll spend more time on reflecting what’s happening in my life, how does it make me feel and if I’m still controling it. I won’t try to it it more, I will do.

I saw how useful is to reflect, observe and to be honest. These months were one big reflection on me and my life. I want to go on with it.


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