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Step 65. Promise the moon


There is one good joke in Lithuania:

Guy says to his girlfried: darling, I love you so much, I could do everything for you. I would pick all the flowers for you, I would cross all rivers and oceans for you, I would sing all love songs for you, I would bring you the moon…. If it won’t rain on Sunday, I’ll come to see you.”

This is what happens with all those nice words when we use them without meaning them.


When we mean what we say, it has a very strong impact. S.Chandler claims, that promising a big thing, makes us do it, because it is a promise, it’s not a word “I will try, I hope I could do it”, no it’s “I promise I will do it”.

When I was finishing my school, I told my mother and to myself: “I will eat bread, drink water and live on the floor in my university, but I’m going to Vilnius and I’m going to study journalism”. And I did so. I didn’t bread or drink water, but yes, sometimes I was having financially hard times and I had to solve all those things. But my promise was to go to Vilnius, live and study there. Study not something, but the subject I wanted.

Before, going to the music school, I was also having some compromises with me – to learn to play, to prepare for the classes. I was doing quite fine there.

What did it happen that last few years I was so weak and I was living withouth promises? Why it’s easier to promise and keep that promise if you make it to other, not to yourself? Could it come from school? At school if you don’t do something you are asked, you are punished. But they never teach you to promise to yourself and keep those promises. Quite often I was having this kind of commitments and sometimes, when having difficulties to fullfill them, I was thinking: “But it’s only for me, nothing will happen if I won’t do that…” Bah… such a terrible thought. Of course, it didn’t happen anything. Almost. I just lost self-confidence, stopped making promises…

Ok, then for the next year, starting just right now, I am promising myself to promise MYSELF the moon. And I’ll get that moon. Soon I’ll write what does the “moon” mean.




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