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Step 66. Make somebody’s day

“You cannot live a perfect day, without doing something for
someone who will never be able to repay you.”

I found a very nice idea – to make a “surprise” for someone who doesn’t know where does this surprise come. To make that person believe in success. Be the source of success. Make somebody believe that luck exists.

If I could support somebody financially, I would do that. Anonimously. I hope someday I will be able. And then the circle of help would turn around and I would be lucky do.

It’s true – the joy hides in giving.

“When you get lucky, you’ll get more motivated, because you feel like
the universe is more on your side. Experiment with this a little. Don’t be
imprisoned by cynicism posing as rationality on this subject. See what
happens to you when you make other people get lucky.”

Maybe this is the most suitable step for the last day of the year – to remind everyone that if in some moments we feel lucky, it’s maybe because somebody made an effort for us to feel so. So we should not make this circle stop and be the source of success to other. It doesn’t have to be some material thing, it can be a nice word, help, support, smile, hug. Anything.




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