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Step 68. Get up a game


When Michael Jordan was a sophomore in high school he was cut from
his high school basketball team. Michael Jordan was told by his coach
that he wasn’t good enough to play high school basketball. It was a
crushing disappointment for a young boy whose heart was set on
making the team, but he used the incident—not to get mad, not to get
even, but to get better.”

This quote says everything – we shouldn’t ever let people put us down. Every intent should provoke opposite reaction – eternal getting better. Compete with somebody to become better and grow in this way. It’s not about beating other, it’s about personal growing.

Passion. This allways should lift us up.

Passion. Let’s this word be the word of the year. I hope I won’t lose it.

P A S S I O N. 

What is your word of the year?


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