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Step 69. Turn your mother down


“To a child, his or her

parents represent the world. He assumes that the way his parents do
things is the way things are done.”

This fits better for the mothers. And, sadly, my mother is a very pessimistic person. She thinks bad about the people, she worries about far future, she doesn’t trust anyone and thinks that everybody wants to harm her. I discovered that I’ve learnt from her this view just now, when I came back to Lithuania, especially, after the break up with my ex. Even I don’t want, sometimes I’m repeating her patterns of behaviour. And probably that’s why sometimes we can’t understand each other, because unconsciously I am angry at her because I have her set of features and behaviour models.

The good thing of this is that

optimism can be learned…at any

And this is what I should do and what I’m doing – instead of blaming my mother, trying to understand her and learn the optimism in my own wat to be able to teach it my kids. When I have them.



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