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Step 70. Face the sun

Last two days I was traveling and here I am – in Spain again, in Basque country. It’s so strange feeling – like half coming back home, but other half like coming to knew place with new people and almost without anything what was before. Sad, on the other hand – interesting.

And this is today’s lesson – to face the sun. To choose the point of view we want to have when we are facing up the things. They depend only on our point of view, on nothing else.

“The way we choose to see
the world creates the world we see.”

I’m trying to see the beautiful world. Especially now, when it’s first time when I’m in Spain being lonely, not with a boyfriend. Well, yes, it was in October when I went to Madrid to talk to him, but then it was different.

Well, let’s see what these 2 months will bring me!



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