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Step 71. Travel deep inside

Sometime ago a definition of myself was based on others. I thought, I was what others told I was. When I was getting positive background from them, I thought I’m good at my job and in my personal life, when I was not getting anything, I was not good or invisible. That made me crazy. I was falling down and down. It has passed quite a lot of time until I realized, that my self perception shouldn’t be based on how others see me, because they don’t see the deepest things. They see just the outside part.

“Your potential is your true identity—it
only waits for self-motivation to come alive.”

This is internat journey. Only we can find what lies deep inside of us and only we can say who we are. Nobody else.

Since the moment I understood this, a lot of things have changed. It seems, I moved from that big shit of my life and I started something new. I didn’t need anyone to prove that I’m a good person. What I needed – was just to believe that I am so.

I’m realizing, that the less our lives are based on projections of others, the more we have control of them. And this is what motivates us and makes us create our lifes the way we want, but not the way we are expected.


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  1. I’ve nominated you the Super Sweet Blog Award

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    Cookies or Cake? Cakes always taste better to me.
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    Favavorite sweet treat? chocolate or icecream
    When do you crave sweet things the most? When I know they are in the house, like at the moment (still eating christmas gitfted chocs)
    If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be? sweet liquorice

    My nominees are:


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