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Step 72. Go to war

P1060220Yesterday I met one elder man. I was just sitting and reading a book when he came and started to talk to me. We spent maybe 4 hours talking, walking and having a lunch. He is basque, so one moment we started to talk about all basque stuff – nationalism, identity, ETA, what does it mean to be basque, their language. And I said to him, “you know, I read and I kind of agree with that, that the level of euskera users (basque language) increased during the Franco times and after. If not Franco, maybe it would have died. Because the number of euskera speakers was declining , people didn’t use it. When Franco came and forbid it, it was like a wake up call to basques – “Wait, somebody came and said we can’t use OUR language, and have to speak THEIR one! No, we won’t do that!” And so some hidden schools, called “ikastolas” appearead, it has started other movements to save the basque culture and the language.

So this is an example, how one crisis can provoke the strenght of society to fight for what is important. The same could do individuals. Sometimes, when we have comfortable life, when everything goes well, we “fall asleep” and don’t do anything. But just when something bad happens or we are passing through tough time, we “wake up” and start to make some changes. For me it happened when we broke with  my boyfriend, for others it happens when they get some serious disease or loss their jobs or anything else what’s important.

Probably it’s normal. When everything goes good in our lives, we usually don’t think, why it’s good – we take it for granted. Opposite happens when we face up some problems. We ask – why? Why for me?

If we don’t pay attention to this phenomenon—how crisis inspires our
best efforts—we tend to brainlessly create a life based on comfort. We
try to design easier and easier ways to live, so that we won’t be
surprised or challenged by anything.
People who get the knack of self-motivation can reverse this process
and get that wonderful “World War II” sense of vitality into their lives.”

We should find the answer to a question

“If I had just a year to
live, how would I live differently? What exactly would I do?”


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