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Step 73. Use the 5% solution


I have never been patient. Last years I wanted everything and fast. If it wasn’t happening, I was feeling bad. Very bad. I still can’t understand what has happened to me last years when I was so sleeping in my life.

Step by step. Little by little. Things are happening slowly. But they ARE happening. First day it’s hard to see, but later, from the time perspective we can see some changes. As I do see changes now, when comparing my life with september, for example. During that time January was amazingly far away and I didn’t know how I’m going to survive until it. And now here I am, 8th of January, I’m still alive. I’m in Basque Country, trying to do something!

I just stopped waiting for something impatiently. I started to do things and believe, that if I do them, sooner or later I’ll get the result. Yes, it’s hard to wait, but there are no other options. We aren’t kids anymore who can’t wait to get a candy.

Of course, it’s not always like this. I still have where to grow and never forget, that if I do – I achieve. The failure lies in not doing.


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