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Step 76. Lighten things up

facepalmI know from myself, that when I’m recovering from something tough, I’m starting to make jokes about it. When I’m laughing of something what made me cry before, it’s a sign that I’m getting well.

For not having to wait for it, S.Chandler offers to laugh at the problems when they ocurr. Try to look funny parts, or make some jokes about it and be ready to solve it happily.

At the end, it’s logical. The problem is a fact, we can’t avoid it. So, it’s just up to us in what way we are going to do this. I was used to put serious face and almost ask for pittiness, because it was a PROBLEM. Wow, something huge, what you can’t cure with smile. I was so stupid  sometime ago… Like a little unmatured kid…

Well, on the other hand, I’m getting demotivated until now from time to time. This first week in San Sebastian emotionally is very hard, I’m quite alone here, sometimes feeling lost and not knowing what should I do. And it’s not always that I know how should I laugh at it.

Anyway, it’s good to be reminded, that everything depends on the point of view and that in my past I was not being clever enough 🙂 And now it’s time to pay the price. I’m still paying it.



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