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Step 78. Make a list of your life

main_list– Eggs

– Bread

– Milk

– Lemon

– Vegetables

– Fish

– Chicken

– ….

Does it sound familiar? Yeah, it’s a list of shopping. It’s very useful thing when going to buy and trying not to miss anything important for not to have to go back to the shop again or not to buy anything what is not necessary.

So what if we would make some list of our lives? Like, what should we do in order to keep motivated and happy? Maybe keep some relationships, maybe spend more time with family, study or work more? Anything, what is important, could be added to this list.

Writing lists of goals and objectives is also a powerful self-motivator.
It’s one thing to go into a meeting mentally briefed on what you want to
accomplish, but you’ll feel even stronger having written it out. There is
something about writing something down that makes it more real to the
right side of your brain.”

I see, that when I make a list, it’s easier for me to work on it – it’s like some kind of responsability and  compromise to me. Maybe when it’s written on the paper it’s like a reminder and a proof that something has been promised? It’s like I couldn’t deny that I didn’t promise it, because it’s on the paper. I don’t know, but yes, I agree, that writing the things down, gives some kind of more responsability…


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